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Leadership Development

Leadership Development for HR Professionals



Leverage the HR advantage.  Strategy aligned with talent management equals success.


The  Leadership Development for HR Professionals  program gives HR leaders the necessary skills to shift the HR role from functional to strategic.


Business strategy can’t be executed if you don’t have the right people, equipped with the right resources.  And in the right place.  When positioned well, HR can play a vital role in an organization’s long-term success. HR leaders can act as credible activists, capability builders, facilitators of organizational change and key players in executing business strategy.

What Do Participants Learn?




As a result of attending this program, participants will :


  1. Create a plan of action to address a complex organizational challenge.
  2. Stimulate personal & career growth via a highly personalized developmental experience guided by their detailed assessment results.
  3. Examine the different roles HR can play  – credible activist, capability builder,  facilitator of organizational change & key player in executing business strategy.
  4. Gain fresh perspectives & specific how-to’s to maximize HR’s impact on the organization.
  5. Understand leadership behaviors & their impact, identify strengths & development needs, & create development goals & plans.

Who Should Attend?


Mid-to-Senior Level HR professionals seeking to improve their personal leadership performance.


What Are the Challenges Addressed?


Understanding where the organization is headed & positioning HR to lead the way.

Influencing senior business leaders & leveraging HR’s perspective & potential.

Supporting the business strategy & planning process –  aligning effective talent strategies.


Why Choose Leadership Development for HR Professionals?


Program is approved for HRCI credit: 29.25 HR General re-certification hours towards PHR, SPHR & GPHR re-certification.

Personalized content based on each participant’s current strategic challenges.

Content focuses on the issues that matter most to HR leaders.

In-depth assessments & 1:1 executive coaching help participants understand their own leadership style & shape a development plan.

Extensive networking opportunities with other HR professionals.

Peer learning provides feedback, suggestions & support.

Online tools & a resource library are available to help participants apply & extend their learning.


What Will the Program Experience Include?



The program has a 3-phased approach:



Pre-program personal leadership assessments:


  • Give a detailed picture of leadership strengths, behaviors and preferences.
  • Identify and clarify development needs.
  • Establish a foundation for significant personal and professional growth.



The 4-day program includes:


  • Experiential activities & hands-on exercises for practice & deeper learning.
  • Individual coaching with a certified CCL coach to focus learning & plan next steps.
  • Peer learning groups to provide feedback, insight, suggestions, & support.



Post-program participants apply & sustain their learning via ongoing support:


  • One 60-minute phone coaching session with a certified CCL coach.
  • Access to eLearning (courses, books, checklists, etc.)  designed to reinforce lessons learned.
  • Optional, fee-based learning and support (extended coaching engagements, additional eLearning packages) & custom initiatives to connect development to organizational needs.
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