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Project Sample:




Identifying Issues (Interviews, Surveys, Data Analysis, Open Workshops, others)

 Consult with client to identify issues.


Research, interview, and survey company management to assess strengths and weaknesses.


Build and administer analytical survey questionnaires using “one-way surveys” and “360 surveys" methods.


Analyze data obtained from interviews and surveys to insure robust solutions for elimination of root cause problem.


Perform statistical analysis to identify the root cause of client company problems and implement effective corrective action.


Identify corporate culture through using an Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) and therefore identify problems.


Assess personality and motivational factors using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.



Performance Improvement  |  Leadership Development  | Talent Promotion



WORKSHOPS (one full-day)


PROJECTS (10 to 30 full-days on a 6-month period)


Creating the Plan

Implementing the Plan

Developing and Promoting

Setting goals, Reporting, Creating Plan



The client sets set the goals for the organization under study.


We report to you regarding the issues and areas of strength we discovered, along with the solutions we suggest. We also coach management on the application of structured problem- solving tools and methodologies.


Create the strategic plan to help the employees and management team take the necessary steps to change and improve in order to achieve those goals.


Train, Coach, Mentor, Interview, Assess



Create written and digital training materials in English and Spanish.


Train by using interactive group workshops and presentations, to seize the power of synergy and achieve group commitment

Coach them through one-on-one interviews to maximize individual impact.


Mentor by working with them, side by side, showing them the do’s and don’ts of what?


Periodic interviews and assessments to resolve concerns, to motivate, measure, and maintain compromise.


90% of the time, the leader that you’re looking for is already part of your organization



Identify the right talent for the position through assessments and interviews.


 Develop leadership ability through 360 Degree feedback and workshops

 Improve work performance. 360 Degree appraisals and performance evaluations.


 Promote the best candidate. Assessments, interviews and development coaching.


Maintain engagement through surveys, engagement workshops, and executive involvement


“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” – Steve Wynn

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